A message from Karen Reissmann

I am a mental health nurse who has been sacked for being a whistleblower – for speaking out against cuts in services and their privatisation. 

I have been a nurse for more than 25 years. On the day I was originally suspended, I actually received a letter from my Trust promoting me to the highest nursing grade!

I am good at my job and I love my work and the patients I work with. That’s why, as a UNISON shop steward, I am appalled at the marketisation of services.

That’s why I will continue to speak out when I see my service threatened and the interests of my patients – the most vulnerable people in our society – put at risk.

That’s also why my 180 colleagues have taken the difficult decision of going out on strike in my support and in support of the best interests of our patients. 

I want my job back, so I can continue helping people who need it the most. Please support us.

Supporters Of Karen Reissmann 


One response to “A message from Karen Reissmann

  1. christine clark

    Hello Karen,
    I am appalled, but not greately suprised, at the treatment that you have had to suffer at the hands of the greedy, more-than-a-jobs-worth bosses of the so-called “caring” organisations “management” over-lords. And then to cap it all a Labour councillor’s stab in the back!!

    My son has schizophrenia and we have been supported by many care-workers, infact saved by the dedicated work (and that was said by my son) of the helpful and effective results of the time given to us over this last twentyfive years.

    I now am an active campaigner for a better deal and rights for all people affected by mental health distress.

    You give me hope in you that you had the courage to speak out; but you deserve so much more from the local government and surely from your actions, your union and grassroots actions you will be honourably reenstated

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