GLOBE-TROTTING chief executive Sheila Foley faces a chilly reception tomorrow when she returns to work from sun-kissed Dubai.

Striking nurses in Manchester are demanding that the the first thing Mrs Foley does (after she has touched up her tan, of course) is call an emergency meeting to settle the dispute.

Mrs Foley flew to Dubai to house hunt on the day that 150 mental health nurses began an indefinite strike in support of sacked colleague Karen Reissmann.

“This caused outrage from staff, patients and carers alike who were left feeling that she didn’t care about any potential impact on patients nor did she have any interest in trying to resolve the situation” said Caroline Bedale, UNISON Branch Secretary.

Karen said: “Sheila Foley must make ending this dispute her top priority. We want to discuss with her first thing tomorrow how she can resolve this damaging dispute.”

Strikers are to meet at 7 am on Tuesday 20th November outside the Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust headquarters, Chorlton House, 70 Manchester road, M21 9UN.

If you would like to join the picket or would like more information, please contact Andy Gill, UNISON Regional Officer, TEL: 0161 211 1000, Karen Reissmann Branch Chair, 07972120451 or Caroline Bedale Branch Secretary 07931152001.


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